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Gladwyne, a delightful village-like town of Lower Merion Township, is one of the premier living locations of the Philadelphia area. With four churches, a synagogue, a library that sponsors many activities, several schools, playgrounds, parks, businesses and retail shops, Gladwyne is a delightful center of activity that fulfills all the requirements of its residents and visitors.

Originally called Merion Square by its first Quaker settlers in 1682, Gladwyne was the first village created in what is now known as the Lower Merion Township. Although some of the first structures erected in the town were log cabins, stone houses and mills soon followed along Mill Creek. While some of these structures are still extant today, and have been converted into homes or offices, others are in ruins and stand as symbols of Gladwyne’s old mill industry.

The number of new English and German settlers in Gladwyne soon outranked that of the Welsh. In 1830, new neighborhoods sprung along the newly constructed Philadelphia and Lancaster Railroad, bolstering the village’s commercial and residential life. However, Gladwyne was slightly more distanced from the railroad than other Lower Merion towns such as Villanova and Bryn Mawr, and thus remained more of a village than a town. Most of Gladwyne’s residents were farmers, whose social life revolved around the village’s three churches.

Soon after the Civil War, however, wealthy Philadelphia businessmen recognized Gladwyne’s charm and appeal. They began to purchase the existing farms and built summer residences that soon became year-round homes. As in other Main Line towns, this led to the development of large estates and luxurious mansions. In 1927, however, these large houses and plots of land were subdivided into smaller properties.

Because of its small size, Gladwyne cannot offer its residents as wide a number of retail or businesses as its neighboring towns, although Bryn Mawr and Villanova are a few minutes away. However, the little village is rich with history and local flavor. One can still find luxurious English Tudor Manors, or large colonial homes, nestled in wide, park-like grounds that still serve as residences. Gladwyne is also well known for the Delaware Market House, an upscale specialty food store. While local shoppers rely on the Market House for everyday items, it is best known for its gourmet foods, which the establishment delivers to residents’ doors.

Another local favorite is the famous Guard House Inn ( This historic Gladwyne building houses one of the finest restaurants of the Philadelphia area. Originally erected in 1790, the Old Guard Inn was meant to be a tavern, although it soon became the Merion Square Hotel, and is rumored to have housed George Washington during the Civil War. The Inn is renown for its world-class gourmet food and wine. Perfectly fitted to Gladwyne’s charming, rustic atmosphere, The Guard House Inn welcomes residents and visitors with warm hospitality and an old world, romantic candlelight setting.

Finally, Gladwyne provides residents and visitors with a wide variety of parks and recreational centers. While it locally houses Rolling Hill Park, Valley Forge is a mere 20 minutes away, and offers various activities such as fly fishing, horseback riding, an R/C Model Airplane area, hiking and bicycling. Gladwyne, with its village-like atmosphere, small town center and rustic houses, allows both residents and visitors a glimpse into Pennsylvania and the nation’s past. Its quaint character, large mansions and safe neighborhoods, make Gladwyne one of the most sought-after residential communities of the Main Line.