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Narberth, a tiny Borough measuring no more that half a square mile, is located at the center of the Lower Merion Township. Approximately one mile from the intersection of Route 30 and Route 1, Narberth is bordered by the Montgomery, North Wynnewood, East Wynnewood, Rockland and Haverford Avenues.


Narberth was made a Borough in 1895, the smallest type of government in the Common- wealth of Pennsylvania. In 1995, the Borough celebrated its centennial with a yearlong celebration. Because of its size and layout, Narberth is predominantly a “walking” town. All the main attractions, such as shopping, recreational facilities, religious organizations, the library and the school, are all within a short, enjoyable walk from the residential areas, making Narberth one of the most pleasant and safest towns to live in. The Pennsylvania Railroad tracks divide the small town into a north side and south side. Although Narberth is primarily a residential community, it has a small business district with shops located along Haverford, Narberth, Forest and Essex Avenues. The downtown shopping area is located at a convenient distance from the train, the bus, the Community Building, the Municipal Building/Fire Company and the playground area.

Despite its size, Narberth has its own Police Department, volunteer Fire Department, Highway Department, Community Library, and Recreation board. The borough thus combines the best of two worlds, and has the atmosphere of a small, village-like residential town, as well as all the conveniences of a bigger, more commercial town. Furthermore, the Borough cooperates with Lower Merion Township for additional public services in both regions.

Narberth is located approximately one mile from the corporate limits of Center City. Although local downtown shopping areas are relatively small, they play an important role in the continued success of the town’s community. Narberth is constantly improving its commercial life. Completely surrounded by the Lower Merion Township, Narberth has formed a task force with the township to study the Montgomery Avenue area. The little borough has been recognized for its great planning and strong community. Narberth has received town-planning awards from Montgomery County for the development of the Albrecht tract on Montgomery Avenue into a Rite-Aid Drug store and the Albrecht Garden Center. On April 9, 2003, the Borough received another Planning Award for the successful completion of the Phase I project of the Downtown Project, which consists of the development of much needed parking area and retail space.


Narberth also offers residents some of the best recreational faculties of the Main Line. The Borough has two park facilities equipped with playgrounds suitable for all ages. The primary facility is Narberth Playground, and is located right next to the Municipal Building. This facility features the newly renovated the Sabine Avenue To-Lot. New playground equipment was installed in 2001.

The borough is a very hot real-estate market, one of the most desirable for moderately priced homes on on the Main Line. There are approximately 1,900 households in Narberth, and the 2003 Real Estate value was established at $294,806,110. Narberth also has a great mix of starter homes, singles, twins, town-houses and condominiums, and is great for young, up-and-coming professionals as well as families. Over 100 homes are sold in Narberth every year, in all price ranges.

Narberth has a very active market of highly qualified professional people. A single employer does not dominate the area and there are many small employers in the borough. Narberth’s business community is thriving, and offers residents shopping, professional services, and several restaurants. The town also has a very active market for commercial properties and rental space. Many of the existing office buildings offer competitive rates for office space. Narberth offers prospective residents great reasons to relocate to the small borough: it has an excellent retail environment, dependable transportation, a small town environment, and extremely efficient government, excellent services and amenities.