Main Line Real Estate

Questions and Answers

1. How do you establish an ideal selling price?

Robin: "The key to selling your home is to price it within a range that attracts offers. It's not an exact science, but the more you know about the local market, the better you can set your price. That's why analyzing recent comparable home sales is crucial in helping my clients make more informed decisions."

2. Do your personal and professional networks make you a more effective realtor?

Robin: "Absolutely: As a lifelong Main Line resident, and graduate of Friends Central and Penn, I'm close with many lawyers, accountants, doctors, mortgage and title specialists and executives. When they hear a potential new listing they call me. So my clients are among the first to see it. I'm constantly in touch with active buyers and sellers, so I can bring offers to the table quickly."

3. Has the web changed the buying and selling of homes?

Robin: "My professional clients use online resources extensively to help them accomplish more, faster. Similarly, an effective real estate web site can help buyers and sellers to research the local market or accelerate a home search."

4. How important is finding the right realtor?

Robin: "If you've ever worked with an agent who wasted your time showing you the wrong homes, or who provided little or poor advice on issues of strategy and pricing, you know the answer. Yet most people choose realtors without assessing their qualifications. The end result: sellers may not get the best price. A knowledgeable agent makes your priorities her top priority. My job is to save you time, reduce anxiety, smooth over rough spots, and deliver the best possible outcome."

5. Your clients are impressed by the technology you use to alert you when newhomes hit the market. Tell us more.

Robin: "A good realtor is always searching for what her buyers want - especially in a seller's market. And new technologies help me do just that. With my wireless internet connections, pager, cell phone and 800#, I can stay mobile while keeping in touch with the listings services, my network and my clients. I work hard to ensure that my buyers see the prime listings first."

6. What should I look for in a realtor?

Robin: "Find a realtor who listens carefully, asks insightful questions, and will work tirelessly to find your perfect home. Realtors should never pressure. I will show my clients as many homes as they wish until they find the one that feels right. It's not just 'house hunting', With each showing, a smart realtor learns more about your preferences, while expanding your knowledge of the market so that you can make a more informed choice.

7. What support should a seller expect from a realtor?

Robin: "Some agents think their job ends when they place a "For Sale" sign on the front lawn and host an open house. But a savvy marketer uses dozens of sales tools and techniques to increase calls and drive traffic. If a realtor can't speed your sale and help you secure the best price, find a better realtor.""Personal integrity is also vitally important, because you'll need to share very personal information with your realtor - income, family issues, business issues.Look for an agent with a reputation for ethical and honest practices, someone you can trust to keep your confidences."

8. How do your clients respond to your own marketing efforts?

Robin: "The response to the free Special Reports has been very positive. I receive alot of calls and e-mails thanking me for the information. Other clients report that my web site has been a big time-saver. They just fill in what they're looking for, and I get back to them with current listings that fit their description. And quite a few clients have told me that my own marketing efforts - the ads, direct mail, web site and toll-free hotline - convinced them I would be the best person to sell their property."