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Tredyffrin Township PA Homes For Sale

Tredyffrin Township contains towns considered to be the last outpost of the Main Line, making the commute to the city a little more time consuming. Because Tredyffrin was formerly known as a prosperous agricultural society, it has more of a rural feel than other Main Line towns. However, the advent of the railroad enhanced the township’s residential appeal and opened it to more commercial development. The township’s population experienced a significant growth after the Second World War with the construction of the Schuylkill Expressway, making the commute to Center City slightly easier.

The township has a good public school system, and offers prospective residents both 18th century buildings and new housing. Recreational activities, including year-round tennis and swimming, are provided by the Upper Main Line YMCA. Playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts and baseball fields can be found at local community parks. Tredyffrin Township is an ideal location for prospective residents interested in new construction. As farmers sell off their land to developers, new construction projects are constantly increasing in Tredyffrin