Alicia "Lambie" Jones

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 610-952-9767

Honesty First and Foremost

Above all else I am honest. I pride myself on my straight forward approach to helping clients find the right home for the right price. I would never put a client in a home I wouldn't buy for myself.” Lambie has an interior design degree and a keen eye. She regularly gives her clients advice for sprucing up their home or helping pick out the right staging furniture to give a home that “wow” factor.

Thinking Outside The Box

Lambie’s passion for not only helping but solving her clients’ problems are what make her a unique agent. “I have the ability to envision space to help clients find potential within their budget and time frame. Sometimes they can't afford the home they want and need. Sometimes it's not financial issues but the lack of inventory, and sometimes it’s trying to find something so unique that does not adhere to the typical Main Line market. But with creative, out-of-the-box thinking, we can find a home where the potential becomes reality.”

I love challenges. They make you stronger as a person and an agent. The Main Line has become almost unachievable for many wanting a safe environment with a great school system and access to a city where the job market trends more bountiful. I see this and rise to the challenge. It may take time and creativity, but I love helping those who aren't always the easiest or the quickest buyers.

From the Office, to the Farm, and on the Court

Lambie loves spending her free time riding her horses with her kids in Vermont. It gives her a sense of freedom that nothing else can. She also loves playing tennis. She has played it her entire life and it’s where she fostered her competitive spirit. Lambie’s dedication both on the court and in the office means her clients are getting an agent that knows how and loves to win.