Michelle Davis

Email: [email protected]
Direct: 610-662-3982
Office: 610-645-4500

A Philly Girl With A Smile

Michelle was born and raised in Philadelphia and has resided on the Main Line for over 2 decades. As a member of the Real Estate industry for many years, she has helped countless families achieve their goal of home ownership. Whether first time home buyers, moving up or sizing down, Michelle has handled it with precision, grace and always with a smile.

Always Learning and Improving For Her Clients

An on-going student of real estate, Michelle continually educates herself so she may give her clients the well informed and friendly service that they deserve. She is a strong believer in integrity, honesty and loyalty to each and every one of her clients. In a super fast-paced world of real estate and technology, Michelle tries to bring a new definition to the word “service” in customer service.

Michelle’s hard work and strong ethics have placed her team within the top ranked agents for production ( #1 ) in the Philadelphia region as well as #5 in the country. She is ready to take on all aspects of protecting you and probably your largest investment, your home!


If there was a perfect dog to fit a personality, it would be Michelle Davis’s bulldog, Meatloaf. Meatloaf is 11 years old and his full official name is Sir Meatloaf George. Why the name Meatloaf you ask? While eating meatloaf at dinner one night, Michelle’s family could not think of any great names for their new dog. Someone suggested Meatloaf as a funny option for a name and it stuck from there on out. Plus, Michelle’ family are all big fans of the musician Meatloaf, so it was meant to be! Meatloaf’s favorite activity is sleeping and enjoying car rides in Michelle’s convertible with the top down. His favorite food is leftover dinner and his favorite toy is playing with Michelle’s pet bunny, Lola. Michelle says going for a walk with Meatloaf is like going for a walk with Mick Jagger, everyone stops them to say hello to Meatloaf and his name always gets a good laugh.